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  • ⊙ Content of the event
    This is a ritual event wishing for the success of 2021 Daegu Yangnyeongsi Herbal Medicine Festival.

    ※ What about Goyu Ancestral Rites?
    It is an ancestral rite in commemoration of Yandi Shennong (the god of agriculture) who began to use roots of herbs and barks of trees as the herbal medicine for the first time in human history.

    Goyu Ancestral Rites (Ancestral Rites of Reporting) – Event ahead of the ceremony

    Date : 10.06(11:00)
    Place : At the plaza in front of the Museum of Oriental Medicine

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  • ⊙ Program

    1. Delivery and Reading of the King’s Message -> 2. Introduction of Guests -> 3. Opening Performance -> 4. Celebration Performance (Flash Mob) -> 5. Festival Tour

    Opening Ceremony

    Date : 10.06(14:00)
    Place : In front of Yangnyeong Gate

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