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  • The Oriental Medicine Home Therapy

    Event contents

    Online Experience

    Participants are recruited in advance, and afterward, a free kit will be sent.
    This is contact-free experiential content you can follow at home in real-time.
    Types of events Making Herbal Tteokbokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cake) / October.7(Thur.) 16:00
    Making Herbal Medicine Shower Bar / October.8(Fri.) 16:00
    The herb flower home gardening / October.9(Sat.) 16:00
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  • The historical travel in the Daegu Yaknyeong City together with the big star Sam

    Event contents Together with Choi, Tae-seong, the big star Sam, please try meeting the brilliant history of the Daegu Yaknyeong City together.
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